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Interior Contractors Inc, LLC aims to deliver quality preconstruction, management, and field services in every aspect of design and construction. We treat each project as a stepping stone to the next by creating strong relationships with our clients based on teamwork, trust, pride, safety, and the ability to overcome challenges. By putting our employees in positions so that they can succeed, we provide a superior service that allows for growth within.

Exterior Protection

Colorado's weather is extreme to say the least. Our teams work to protect your development with extreme attention to detail and superior materials so that your building is protected, no matter what nature throws your way.

Interior Refinement

Your interior represents your business, your mission, and your committment to your customers. Our craftsmen elevate the finest materials through an intense focus on the details that most people miss, making you look great.

Framing & Sheathing

It's often the things you can't see that separate a good build out from a true masterpiece. Your project will be solid and refined from the inside out creating an environment that supports your business and lasts for years.


ICI Delivers World Class Construction Expertise Across Colorado

Colorado is growing fast, and developement needs are growing even faster. Your project needs expert support and seamless execution from planning to final steps without worrying about progress or timelines. ICI Colorado brings the best team of craftsmen, project managers, and experts available in the state. Every project recieves our unparalled support and service so you can focus on managing your business instead of your building.

Discover How ICI Can Help

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